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About Us

In 1920 Sri Tibarumal Gupta launched a jewellery firm in Hyderabad, India. He never looked back on the decision. He came to be known for lavish, exquisitely designed and crafted pieces. His jewels adorned the city's elite. He became the favourite jeweller of his Exalted Highness, the Nizam of Hyderabad. The firm's success may be attributed to Tiraa's adherence to its core values - the Spirit of Creativity and pursuit of beauty.

The vision and mantle, along with Sri Tibarumal's dynamism and confidence was passed on to one of his three sons, Mr.Ram Bharos Gupta. He carried on the impeccable legacy with such enormous success that today, the name "Tibarumal" is sufficient gaurantee of unparalleled quality and authenticity.

"Tiraa by Tibarumal Jewels" is our flagship jewellery boutique, where creativity in hand-crafted jewellery remains the firm's core strength. "Trust is Our Tradition", the motto of the firm, is evident in our relationships with customers: they share a sense of closeness and kinship with our group.

The group is owned by Mr.Ram Bharos Gupta and his only son, a third generation sciion of the Tibarumal family Mr.Pankaj Gupta, whose passion is to create something new every time and all the time. Mr.Pankaj Gupta believes that God has created the resplendent feminine, and Tiraa was born to adorn them with the finest jewels to beautify them.

At Tiraa by Tibarumal Jewels, we place great importance on establishing and maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We are an eminent and well known name for Indian, International, Traditional and Contemporary Jewellery; creating a niche for itself.

Mr. Pankaj Gupta

Managing Director, Tiraa by Tibarumal Jewels Mr.Pankaj Gupta is a 3rd generation bespoke jeweller, designer, manufacturer retailer of exclusive and exquisite hand crafted jewellery. He carries forward the baton of the Tibarumal Jewels Legacy under the wise guidance of his father Shri Ram Bharos Gupta. Mr.Pankaj Gupta inherited the legacy of his grand father Late Shri Tibarumal ji who has spearheaded as jeweller in the early 1920s and served the Nizams and nobels of Hyderabad. His father has taken creativity forward by serving post-independence era elites of the city of Charminar.

Mr.Pankaj Gupta has an understanding of fine Gold and Diamond Jewellery and patron preferences over 28 years. His personal involvement in this business besides being a family business since nine decades, Mr.Pankaj Gupta has blended the old and the new to cater to both Traditional and contemporary jewellery, with his core strength being design.

While keeping firm ground with the flagship retail boutique, Mr.Pankaj Gupta has ensured that the brand moves along with the times. Therefore, he conceived Tiraa – by Tibarumal Jewels, with a limited edition of contemporary and traditional jewels across age groups and for the exquisite woman who wears the bespoke.

Mr.Pankaj Gupta believes that God created beautiful women and Tiraa was created to adorn them with the finest jewels!

With an astute sense of what works with his patrons, resourceful team of experienced people who have been with him for decades in a well-managed organisation, convenience of locations, wide range of choices and warmth of personalised service, Mr.Pankaj Gupta believes in rolling out the very best for the discerning.

Over the years, the clientele list reads like the who-is-who of elite.

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